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Cupcake 5k


The 3rd Annual Cupcake Run *Virtual Edition*

Where:​ Anywhere and everywhere

When: Anytime during the month of March 2021

Cure MLD Cupcake 5K Race Image

All the funds will benefit our Cure MLD initiative to support kids and families impacted by Cal's disease: Metachromatic leukodystrophy or MLD.

In 2013, our son PJ had the idea to sell cupcakes to fund research to cure his little sister, Cal's disease. MLD is an inherited, neurological disorder (in the same family as Tay-Sachs disease) that attacks the brain's white matter. Children who are born healthy lose the ability to walk, talk, eat an see. It's been 6 years since our first cupcake fundraiser, and 45,000 cupcakes later, and we expect to see the FDA approve a gene therapy to treat Cal's disease, MLD.

But this breakthrough is just the start, and the Cupcake Run wants to raise awareness of MLD and the promise of cutting-edge science to defeat MLD and similar disorders.

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